Learn How to Manage StressLearn How to Manage Stress

Nowadays stress is a part of human life, people face stress in relationships, family, and work life and if you see the situation of the world, it’s hard to manage stress. Ukraine-Russia War, the Taliban’s Control over Afghan, the pandemic, job loss, and many more stressful situations. People are feeling stressed and it’s a new normal life.

But do you think, is it really a Normal Life? I guess No! Due to stress, people are facing end number of health issues either it’s physical or mental. Some people understand that they need counseling or to do things that can help to manage stress. But other’s barely care about it and indulge themselves in drug, or alcohol or starts leaving alone which are the main reasons for feeling stressed.

In this article we will discuss:

  • The Risk associated with stress
  • Things to avoid while managing stress
  • Ways to reduce stress
  • Management techniques for stress

The Risk associated with Stress

You may know that taking extreme stress can cause mental and physical health issues. According to the meta-analysis study, excessive stress can increase the risk of coronary heart disease.  

Let’s understand what are the risk which is associated with stress and then will discuss how to manage the stress.

  • High Blood Pressure: When you feel stressed your blood pressure starts increasing due to the higher heart rate. With the increase in stress, your heart starts taking pressure which causes high blood pressure or heart-related diseases.
  • Depression: There is no specific reason for depression, maybe it’s a kind of trauma, emotional issues in the family, or anything which can cause depression. According to the data published in JAMA, people who go into depression are due to experiencing stressful events in their life.
  • Insomnia: According to the APA Survey Report, 42 percent of people or we can say adult report that their sleep are fair and 43 percent of people said, they can’t take proper sleep and are mostly awake all night due to stress.
  • Poor Health or Chronic Pain: If you see every second person in your known, are either facing migraine or severe back pain. The reason behind poor health conditions is taking stress.

Things to Avoid While Managing Stress

If you are serious about your health and you want to reduce or manage stress, then these four tips are necessary for you to manage stress.

This image represent Work Life Balance.

  • Don’t Overburden Yourself: It’s essential to manage your time if you overburden yourself by taking extra responsibility then it can affect your health. Manage time for yourself and try to manage time in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Unhealthy Environment: You must have observed that if you stay with negative-minded people you start thinking in a negative manner. Always surround yourself with positive-minded people and the environment whether it’s workplace or home.
  • Work-Life Balance: When you are feeling stressed, then try to give some space to yourself. Self-care is the utmost priority in life and when you are stressed, focus on maintaining a work-life balance.
  • Avoid Negative Mindset: When you are trying to reduce stress, the first thing to keep in mind is to trust yourself. When you feel that you start feeling negative because of any person, try to distance yourself. If you observed the negativity in your surrounding, change the environment, read books like “The Secret” and fill your mind with positivity.

Ways to Reduce Stress

If you feeling stressed, then don’t overburden yourself, just think about how you manage the stress that makes a big difference in your life. Let’s understand the ways to reduce stress or manage stress.

  • Manage Time for yourself: When you feel stressed, people start to overburden themselves with the things they don’t like, or with official things. Doing such things creates more stress rather than reducing the stress. While in stress, make time for yourself, and start doing things that you like.
  • Learn to Say No: Most people burden themselves with lots of tasks and they barely know how to manage time in an effective manner. When you are filled up with tasks, learn to say NO. When you learn how to say NO, you start feeling that you can manage your stress.
  • Give time for a Hobby: If you want to manage stress, give time for your hobbies and interests. Do the things that you like apart from official work, that will help you to manage stress.
  • Socialize Yourself: To manage stress it’s necessary to socialize yourself and spend some time with your loved ones, family, or friends. The more you socialize yourself, the more it helps you to manage stress.
  • Avoid Alcohol & Drugs: Alcohol and Drugs create more stress and start exploiting you physically and mentally. The best management technique for stress is to avoid alcohol and drugs which gradually improve your behavior.

Management Techniques for Stress

To manage stress, a change in lifestyle is the most important part of life. Let’s understand the management techniques for stress.

  • Daily Exercise: Regular exercise is the best way to manage stress and also gives you sound sleep. Daily Exercise makes you physically fit and also keeps your heart healthy and wealthy. In your daily exercise habit, adopt some stress relief exercises like, Running, Swimming, Cycling, or Dancing.
  • Healthy Diet: Poor diet or eating junk food is the utmost reason for your poor health condition and increases stress. Eating healthy food or taking a rich diet gives you a lot of health benefits and also reduces stress. In your diet, you can add green vegetables & fruits, dry fruits, and a high protein diet.  
  • Yoga & Meditation: Yoga is the best medicine to cure physical and mental health. There are a lot of yoga-asana which keep your body fit and relax your mind. Another way to relax your mind is to do Meditation, which our rishis do in ancient times. Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.
  • Sound Sleep: Nowadays most people are suffering from insomnia, and stay awake all night. Sleeping disorder is one of the reasons for poor health, anxiety, and stress. For sound sleep, add these habits to your lifestyle:
    • Daily exercise, yoga & mediation
    • Wake up early and feel the rays of sunlight
    • Set limits on the use of electronic devices
    • Routine your lifestyle like your sleep time


In this article, we have mentioned the ways to reduce stress, the management techniques for stress, and the things to avoid while managing stress. You can try these practices in your daily life which help you to reduce stress or manage stress.

If you feel these practices are not beneficial for you, then we advised you to take a consultation with the doctor.

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