What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Nowadays, parents misunderstood the signs of ADHD in kids, as they basically connect it with their academics, sports, or their social behaviour. In ADHD we can see the same signs in kids, like, hyperactivity, daydreaming, inattention, or impulsivity, which makes it hard for parents to analyze or understand the signs of ADHD in their child.

In this article, we will discuss the signs of ADHD in kids, categorize disorders, and the impact of ADHD on kids.

Categories of ADHD

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is basically a condition that gradually affects the behaviour of people. ADHD signs started during childhood and last their adult period. There are three categories that broadly define Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD:

  1. Primarily Absent-minded Staging: In this category, a child lives in their own world, we can say child daydream their thought and apparently they start forgetting little things. Parents usually bombard their children when the child can’t follow their instructions, but they don’t understand that this is a sign of ADHD in kids.
  2. Primarily Hyperactive Staging: In this category, the child squirms, talk too much, interrupt people when they talk, and do things without understanding the repercussion of the act.
  3. Combined Staging: This category itself means that the child has both the kind of neuro disorder, as the child has symptoms of both hyper-activity and absent-minded. 

Signs of ADHD in Kids

You often see that children don’t focus on one thing at one time when you want them to read books and if they see any toys, then it’s difficult for the kids to focus on one thing and that’s quite common. But children with ADHD, grow with this behaviour and often last adulthood.

In this section, we will understand the signs of ADHD in kids.

  1. Hyperactivity: We all know that kids are very energetic, but kids with signs of ADHD have excessive levels of energy. Such kids can’t sit still or involve themselves in an activity or a game which needs attention and quite less energy. They seem restless and if they play some energetic sports, suppose cricket, they can’t patiently wait for their turn.
  • Abstraction: Kids with the sign of ADHD feel hard to focus on the allotted task, whether it’s reading a book or playing a single game. Kids with the sign of ADHD, feel hard to focus and easily get distracted, frequently lost their belongings at random places and barely follow instructions. Due to this behaviour, they failed to finish their homework, and after an adult period, they find the same kind of difficulty in their workplace.
  • Impulsivity: This is the most common sign of ADHD in kids, due to the impulsive behaviour they troubled themselves. They act and speak without thinking of the consequences which creates trouble. They often talk too much and if they see the people around them talking to each other, they start interrupting.
  • Poor Management Skills: Kids with signs of ADHD find it difficult to manage their tasks and often cross the deadline, due to poor time management skills. They find difficulty in completing the task and often find trouble in organizing their daily activities.
  • Mental Effort: ADHD kids often dislike work which needs focus and mental effort and later the kid starts avoiding tasks which require mental effort. For example, homework or school work, because these activities need mental effort.
  • Forget Things: ADHD kids often forget things which are necessary for daily activities. In the case of kids, carrying tiffin box, copies, pencil box, eyeglasses, some assignment, any particular book that is taught on the day.
  • Social Interaction: ADHD often sees being with themselves, they find it difficult to engage with other kids. They find trouble interacting with the other kids, following the basic social norms, have poor listening skills, and are rigid in following instructions whether it’s related to playing games or any basic norms.
  • Academic Performance: Kids with signs of ADHD often finds difficulty in completing assignments, classwork, and homework. In comparison to other students, they find trouble completing the notebooks on time especially when the teacher writes on the blackboard, as they find it hard to catch the speed.

Cause of ADHD in Kids

If we talk about the cause or risk factors of ADHD, the actual causes are yet to be known. But in the research scientists show that the genetic issue can be an important factor behind the causes of ADHD in kids.

Scientists shared the possible causes and risk factors:

  1. Neurological Injury/damage
  2. Premature delivery
  3. Loss of weight during the birth of a child
  4. Use of alcohol and harmful products during the pregnancy

Diagnosing ADHD Signs in Kids

Diagnosing the signs of ADHD in Kids is quite a difficult task as there is not a particular test to understand the signs of ADHD because kids suffered from alternate problems like, sleep disorder, anxiety, hyperactivity, impulsive behavior, and many other similar problems.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) researched this and recommended that in such cases discuss with the parents, teachers, friends, and colleagues (if adult) to understand the behaviour of the child. For these tests, parents can consult with the Child Psychologist or psychiatrist.

Treatment of ADHD in Kids

We can’t cure ADHD with medicines, but yes there are many other treatment options available which can be beneficial:

  1. Behavioural Therapy: In this article, we understood the signs of ADHD and the most important one is to understand the behaviour of a child. Behavioural Therapy can help the child to improve their behaviour, understand how to socially interact with the help, emotionally connect and control anger.
  • Medication: We discussed that hyperactivity and impulsivity are signs of ADHD in kids and medication is the only source to reduce these issues. Medication brings focus, and calmness in life which gradually helps in curing ADHD. Doctors and Certified Yoga Centres are preferred.
  • Academic Support: Those parents whose child has a sign of ADHD can discuss this with the teachers, so that teacher can monitor the behaviour of the kid. Teacher’s support in academics also benefits children academically.


ADHD is not a kind of disease which can cure through medicines, it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder and can heal through therapy and medication. Before going into any treatment it’s necessary to understand the sign of ADHD in your kid and to diagnose this and monitor the behavior of your child. By observing the behavioural pattern of your child you can understand if it is hyperactivity, impulsivity, or any other signs which are mentioned in the article. The earlier you recognize the pattern, the earlier you take necessary action. 

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