World's Most Expensive 'Miyazaki Mango' @ Rs.2.75 lacs per kgWorld's Most Expensive 'Miyazaki Mango' @ Rs.2.75 lacs per kg

The world’s most expensive Miyazaki Mangoes are showcased in the 7th edition of the Mango Festival which is held in Siliguri, West Bengal. The three-day-long Mango festival started on 9th June 2023 at a mall in Siliguri, West Bengal. The Miyazaki Mangoes Festival is organized by the Modella Caretaker Center and School (MCCS) along with the Association for Conservation and Tourism (ACT).

In the 7th Geetanjali Mango Festival, around 262 mangoes were showcased in the stalls set up by the farmers who had grown a variety of mangoes. In the Mango Festival, 55 farmers grow and displayed different types of mangoes like Alphonso, Langra, Amrapali, Suryapuri, Ranipasand, Laxambhog, Fajli, Bira, Sindu, Himsagar, Kohitoor, Miyazaki Mangoes and many more.

Farmers at Mango Festival, Siliguri, West Bengal

The farmers who participated in this festival are from nine districts of West Bengal. One of the farmers from Birbhum district of West Bengal showcased 10 pieces of Miyazaki Mangoes at the Mango Festival. Another farmer named Shoukhat Hussein from West Bengal’s Birbhum district grows Miyazaki Mangoes on his land and said that he was participating for the first time in this festival. He said that for the plantation of Miyazaki Mangoes, he got samples from Bangladesh and then grown in his garden which is located in Birbhum, West Bengal.

As per ANI, the Miyazaki Mangoes are the world’s most expensive mangoes and are sold or priced at 2.75 lakhs per kg. As per Siliguri Times, during the Mango Festival, the mangoes are sold for one thousand or two thousand rupees per piece.

Miyazaki Mango Now in India

As per the report of India Today released on 3rd June, the Miyazaki Mangoes are usually found in Japan, but now we can find these expensive Miyazaki Mangoes in India’s West Bengal, Birbhum district. According to the report released by the India Times, a tree of Miyazaki Mangoes is grown near the mosque in West Bengal’s Durjapur which is now a point of attraction for people.

Sankalp Singh Parihar from Jabalpur MP at his farm with dogs protection

A couple named Sankalp Singh Parihar and Rani Prahar, from Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur City, is growing the expensive Miyazaki Mangoes on their 12 acres of land. The couple said that they received the sampling of Miyazaki Mangoes from a man on a train. They have planted 2 trees of Miyazaki Mangoes and apart from these, they had grown 14 different varieties of mangoes on the land. For the protection of Miyazaki and other mangoes, the couple has deployed six dogs and four guards for the protection.

Raj Basu, Convenor Act and co-partner of the Mango Festival said that they are getting a lot of queries from the people who are attending this festival. He further said through this festival, he wants to promote tourism and shared that the Association appealed to UNESCO to declare Bangladesh – Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) corridor as the Mango Heritage.

All about Miyazaki Mangoes

  • The production of Miyazaki Mangoes started in 1940 in California.
  • Later, the Miyazaki Mangoes bought into Japan’s Kyushu in Miyazaki City, and from there the mangoes got the name and now it’s known as Miyazaki Mangoes.
  • The production of Miyazaki Mangoes started in the late 70s and early 80s.
  • The Miyazaki City weather is warm and the perky sunlight for a long hours and heavy rain help farmers in farming Miyazaki Mangoes.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are harvested in the peak time from April to August month.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are popular in India and Southeast Asia.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are cultivated in India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Philippines.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are known by various names like Red Sun, in Bengali it’s called ‘Surja Dim (Red Egg), in Japanese it’s known as Egg of the Sun (Taiyo-no-Tamago).
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes usually weigh around 350g and have 15% or higher sugar content.
  • Miyazaki Mangoes are different from the ‘Pelican Mango’ which is in yellow colour and usually grows in South-east Asia.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are popular for their colour, different kind of appearances, taste, nutrition, and sugar content.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and also contain folic acid and beta-carotene.
  • The Miyazaki Mangoes are helpful for people who are faced an issue of tired eyes and it also helps in preventing the vision sight.
  • While growing the Miyazaki Mangoes it’s in purple colour and at the time of ripe it turns into flaming Red colour which looks attractive.

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