In this pandemic situation, the government imposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent its citizens from coronavirus. All the offices and employers are bound to give work-from-home (WFH), which has turned over the life of every employee.

New Aspects of Living During The Coronavirus

After enforcing a work-from-home, the schedule of every person has been modified. People are no more working from 9am to 5:30pm or 8 hours a day. Instead, they’re giving all of their time to their work. Employees are freely working in pajamas and sipping coffee while doing their job. Not only has one’s schedule and lifestyle changed, but the mindset of people has also changed.

People are more focused on adding value to their company rather than relying on others for getting their work done. I am in the export industry and we have to work six days a week, and were not allowed WFH. Before the lockdown, I’d never thought of working from home, but now, interestingly, the company has made a WFH policy for its employees. Unbelievable, but it is true!

Decisive Effect of Coronavirus

After imposing WFH, people are spending more time with their families and helping in household activities too. The family starts understanding the sincerity of their child towards work, family and personal life. In the same way, children are understanding the importance of family in a wider way, and by doing so, the trust factor is building between the family members.

work from home

After imposing WFH, people are spending more time with their families and helping in household activities too.

One thing I realised during this lockdown is that all industries, whether they’re in production, export, automobile or real estate, are providing WFH to their employees. In the export industry, the marketing team has to go abroad to showcase products in the fair organised by the Trade Centre. But now, the Trade Centre has decided to conduct ‘Virtual Trade Fair’, which shows that the whole world has adopted a new way of life.

While taking such steps, not only is the travelling time and the expense incurred is get reduced, but the efficiency and commitment of the employees towards their organisation is getting enhanced. By doing so, we are saving our nature, improving our Air Quality Index (AQI), polluting our oceans and rivers less, and animals are happy to get their life. Even when we go to our balcony, we can feel the freshness in the air. People who live in metropolitan cities and are used to seeing planes in the sky, can now see and feel the presence of shiny stars in the sky.

Impact On The Economic Conditions Of Companies

In this pandemic situation, we cannot deny that our economy has been affected in a vast way. Industries that are in production are not able to open their production department, due to which the economic condition of industries such as the automobile, export etc. are crumbling down day by day. Now, the companies are in a situation where they are seizing salaries of their employees.

In some companies, a salary bar graph has been made and according to their salary, a percentage of the deduction of salaries is being fixed. On the other hand, some companies are cutting a small percentage of salaries and Earned Leaves too. With a dramatic change in the financial status of the company, they are also firing employees and are more focused on stabilising the company by reducing the staff.

Adverse Effects On Employee Conditions During The Pandemic

With companies taking such hard steps, every employee is living in the fear of losing their job and financial security. There are companies that have not provided any clarity to their employees regarding their remuneration, which makes the employees think whether they’ll be getting a fair remuneration for the job they have done.

On the other hand, the decision to reduce the number of employees is in process, which is also affecting the mental stability of employees. In this crucial situation, employees are bound to think, what if they are kicked out from the company? What will be the source of income if the company fires them? In this recession time, do they get a job in any company? If yes, then how much time will it take? Because no one knows for how long we have to live with this virus and when the situation will get back to normal.

Together We Can And We Will Overcome From The Pandemic

There have been both favourable and adverse effects of this pandemic. To face these hardships, we have to be together, because together we can win any situation. This is a crucial time and it is important that both the employers and employees think about each other and be more focused on overcoming this pandemic situation.

By Hemlata

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